Continuity of Care

  • Potential to care for patients through all stages of life 


  • Potential to practice in a variety of settings (i.e., hospital wards, office, ER,home visits, etc.)
  • Potential to see a variety of patients on a regular basis (i.e., pediatrics, obstetrics, women’s health, geriatrics, addictions, etc.)

Physician–Patient Relationship

  • Seeing patients on a regular basis allows you to build a good rapport and level of trust that may not be developed in other specialties

Continuing Education

  • Potential to generalize or specialize in many different areas of medicine depending on need and/or personal interest


  • Potential to create a healthy balance between professional and personal commitments


  • Maintaining competency in many areas of medicine and often dealing with complex patients


  • Competitive salaries compared to other specialties

Interprofessional Health Care

  • Opportunity to work closely with other health-care professionals (i.e., physiotherapy, social work, counselors, dietician, nurse practitioners, etc.) in modern health teams