1. Verifying Your Medical Degree:

o   Open an account with the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) here

o   Submit a source verification request (SVR) and send a copy of final medical diploma with required identification document to the MCC. If your degree is in a language other than English or French, please follow the translation requirements here.

o   Please note The MCC charges a one time account fee and additional document fees, click here for more information.

o   Wait times: 75 days from North America, Australia or Europe, or 105 days from Asia, South America or Africa

2. Return of Service Agreement: All International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are subject to a five-year return of service agreement in an area of need. For regions NOT eligible for Return of Service, please refer to HealthForceOntario

3. Pre-residency Program (PRP): A mandatory program for all IMGs in an Ontario Family Medicine Residency Program.

o   Phase 1 is a 4.5 week classroom-based program in Toronto.

o   Phase 2 is at the family medicine residency site and content varies.

o   IMGs are allocated to one of two sessions based on medical school completion time and residency site. Those in the first cohort will start in July, but the second cohort will have a delayed start.

**Remuneration: Apply for the Final Year Medical Student Bursary Program through the OMA. For more information and application form, please click here. For more information regarding PRP please click here.

4. Assessment Verification Period (AVP): Evaluation period for IMGs prior to full acceptance into a post graduate training program.

o   Must have a Pre-Entry Assessment Program Certificate of Registration.

o   The current length of AVP is typically 12 weeks but can be shortened to eight weeks if not meeting the minimum standard or lengthened to 16 to 24 weeks.

o After 12 weeks, the AVP certificate expires and a Postgraduate Certificate must be issued. To allow for seamless transition, the AVP form provided by the program should be submitted to CPSO two to three days prior to the identified end date.