All house staff are entitled to the following recognized holidays: 

New Year’s Day

Family Day

Easter Friday

Victoria Day

Canada Day

August Civic Holiday (Simcoe Day)

Labour Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

Boxing Day

One Floating Holiday* 





*A floating holiday is defined as a paid holiday taken at a time chosen by the resident. A program CANNOT tell a resident when to take their floating holiday. 

Christmas/New Year’s: All house staff are entitled to five consecutive days off during the 12-day period encompassing Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. These five days account for Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Boxing Day and two weekend days. Each resident must get either Christmas or New Year’s Day off. Residents do not get additional lieu days for working on either of the statutory holidays during the period.

Lieu Days: Where a resident works any part of one of the recognized statutory holidays, excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day (see above), they are entitled to a lieu day to be taken at a time mutually convenient within 90 days of the holiday worked. This includes residents working home call for any portion of the 24 hours of the date of the holiday. 

Religious Holidays: If you observe religious holidays that are not specifically listed in the Collective Agreement, your program may have a duty to accommodate your religious practice to the point of undue hardship (“undue hardship” may include a number of factors, such as patient safety, the hospital’s service requirements, and the resident’s educational or training requirements). It is your responsibility to request accommodation, explain what measures of accommodation are required and allow a reasonable time for a reply.