Online Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a great alternative to attending courses and conferences, which can be quite expensive

Major Conferences

OCFP Annual Scientific Assembly (ASA) - November 28-30, 2019

CFPC Family Medicine Forum (FMF) – October 30 – November 2, 2019

SRPC Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course- Spring

American Academy of Family Physicians: Family Medicine Experience (FMX) - Fall

PriMed Canada - Spring 


The CFPC program for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) allows physicians to document and maintain their continuing education and provides methods for evaluating CPD programs.

Please visit for up-to-date details.

How MAINPRO+ Works

  • When you join CFPC as a member, you start your first five-year MAINPRO+ cycle

  • In each cycle, you must accrue a minimum of 250 credits. Minimum of 25 credits per year

  • Reporting MAINPRO+ credits is done online through your CFPC login

  • You must retain proof of participation in all types of MAINPRO+ credits for at least six years because members are randomly selected for credit validation.

MAINPRO+ and Residents

  • Residents are not required to participate in MAINPRO+; however, many residents participate in MAINPRO+ eligible activities, such as conferences and ACLS.

  • CFPC encourages residents to track their MAINPRO+ activities as UP TO 40 CERTIFIED MAINPRO+ CREDITS EARNED AND REPORTED DURING THE RESIDENCY CYCLE WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CARRIED FORWARD TO YOUR FIRST ACTIVE MAINPRO+ CYCLE (i.e. into your first cycle as a practicing physician). To learn more about reporting these credits visit:

  • Note that only activities outside of your residency program can be claimed, for example mandatory teaching at your site does not count.

The CFPC Self Learning program is free to residents, allows you to certified MAINPRO+ credits, and has practice SAMPs available for exam preparation. Visit