Continuing Medical Education (CME) on the Road

Each year, the Ontario College of Family Physicians offers several venues for continuing professional development, including the Emergency Primer for Family Physicians and many others. Please refer to the CME Event Calendar at 

Each university also offers local CME workshops:

McMaster University
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Queen’s University
University of Ottawa
University of Toronto
Western University

Online Continuing Medical Education

  • Online CMEs are a great alternative to attending courses and conferences, which can be quite expensive


Major Conferences

Rural and Remote Medicine

American Academy of Family Physicians: Family Medicine Experience (FMX)

CFPC Family Medicine Forum (FMF)

OCFP Annual Scientific Assembly

PriMed Canada

International Medicine

  • Most residency programs allow international electives as part of the global health curriculum. Speak to your program coordinator about specific international connections to facilitate setting up an opportunity.
  • Many organizations offer international medical work (short or long term) for post-residency: 
  • International Medical Volunteers Association provides great general info and tips, as well as information about the major health aid organizations.
  • Key points to consider: 
    • Licensing requirements
    • Documentation (e.g., passports and Visas)
    • Pre-trip vaccinations and prophylactic medications (e.g., malaria)
    • Insurance: professional, health, travel, disability
    • Local language and living conditions